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Romeo and Juliet

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by PJ Paperelli
Jun 2 — Jun 17, 2001
Shakespeare Glen, Forest Park

In Verona, Sampson and Gregory (Capulet servants) complain that they will not put up with insults from the Montague family. Abram and Balthasar (Montague servants) appear and the four start quarreling. Benvolio (Lord Montague’s nephew) appears and tries to break up the quarrel, but Tybalt (Lady Capulet’s nephew) appears and picks a fight with Benvolio. At length, officers try to break up the fight, even while Lord Capulet and Lord Montague begin to fight one another. The Prince of Verona (Escalus) appears and stops the fighting, proclaiming sentences of death to any that renew the fighting.

Cast and Creative

Charles Borland* (Tybalt), Katie Carlson (Ensemble), Joseph Culliton* (Prince of Verona), Louise Edwards (Ensemble), Anthony Giacomelli (Potpan/Ensemble), Gary Glasgow* (Paris), Roderick Hill* (Benvolio), Jennifer Ikeda* (Juliet), Corey Jones (Abram/Ensemble), Joneal Joplin* (Chorus/Friar Laurence), Gwendolyn Kelso (Ensemble), Jeffrey Knox (Peter/Ensemble), Eddie Kurtz (Ensemble), Gabriel Levinson (Balthasar), Michael Markham (Sampson/Ensemble), Jodie McKlintock* (Nurse), Sean McNall* (Romeo), Michael Mulligan* (Mercutio), Monica Parks* (Lady Montague), Jonathan Reitzes (Gregory/Ensemble), James Shanklin* (Capulet), Jerry Vogel* (Montague/Apothecary), Susie Wall* (Lady Capulet), and Matthew Walsh (Petruchio/Friar John)

Set Design by Chris Pickart
Costume Design by Dottie Marshall Englis
Sound Design by Ann Anderson
Production & Lighting Design by Marcus Abbott and Ward Everhart
Music and Sound Effects Composed by Robin Weatherall
Choreography by Dawn Karlovsky
Fight Direction by Rick Sordelet
Stage Management by Connie M. Silver*
Assistant Stage Management by Abigail S. Whiting
Casting by Stuart Howard, Howard Meltzer, and Amy Schecter

*Denotes members of Actors’ Equity Association