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Julius Caesar

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Joe Discher
May 26 — Jun 18, 2006
Shakespeare Glen, Forest Park

Julius Caesar returns triumphantly to Rome having defeated his enemy, Pompey. Many Roman senators, however, suspect him of wanting to become Emperor. Their chances of forestalling Caesar rest on being able to convince Marcus Brutus, one of the most upright men in Rome and Caesar’s friend, that Caesar is a danger to the state.

Cast and Creative

Gary Wayne Barker* (Trebonius/Messala/Plebian), James Beaman* (Casca/Clitus/Plebian), Jim Butz* (Antony), Jason Cannon* (Cinna/Titinius/Plebian), Thomasina Clarke (Soothsayer/Plebeian), William Davis, III (Lucius/Racer/Plebeian), Dylan Duke (Roman Soldier), Gary Glasgow (Ligarius/Lepidus/Cobbler/Plebeian), Christopher Harris (Pindarus/Artemidorus/Caesar’s Servant/Plebeian), Krista Hoeppner* (Portia/Plebeian), Billy Kelly (Roman Soldier), Richard Lewis (Cicero/Cinna/Dardanius), David Andrew Macdonald* (Brutus), Reginald Metcalf* (Decius/Plebian/Roman Soldier), Ryan Mills (Antony’s Servant/Racer/Plebeian/Roman Soldier), Mark Mineart* (Cassius), Monica Parks* (Calphurnia/Plebeian), Brian A. Peters* (Octavius/Carpenter/Plebian), Samuel Raskin (Roman Soldier), Dom Richardson (Roman Soldier), Jerome A. Russo* (Metellus/Marullus/Roman Soldier)
Jared Sanz-Agero (Popilius/Plebeian/Roman Soldier), David M. Steckel (Flavius/Volumnius/Octavius’ Servant/Plebeian), and Raphael Nash Thompson* (Caesar)

Set Design by Jim Burwinkel
Costume Design by Dorothy Marshall Englis
Sound Design by Ann Slayton
Lighting Design by Matthew E. Adelson
Music Composition and Sound Effects by Robin Weatherall
Voice and Text Coaching by Bruce Longworth
Stage Management by Champe Leary*
Casting by Paul Hardt, Stuart Howard, and Amy Schecter

*Denotes members of Actors’ Equity Association